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Terms of Sale,  Disclaimers,  Legalities:


The PropPastie is designed to be a ground-use only cover.  The PropPastie must be removed before starting the engine or before
flight or the potential for injury, death, and or damage to the aircraft exists.   The PropPastie was tested to see what would happen
if someone forgot to remove it before starting the engine.  The PropPastie did depart the propeller at about 1000 RPM.  The fabric
of the PropPastie tore before the Velcro detached.  No refunds for damage due to failure to remove PropPastie will be allowed. 

If the aircraft engine is started with the PropPastie not removed, there is potential danger of injury, or death to anyone standing to the side of the propeller,  potential for damage to the nose of a twin engined aircraft,  and potential for damage to the cowling and engine.  There is  potential for death should flight be attempted with PropPastie still attached to the aircraft.  It is impossible to predict all the  ways damage,  death, or injury could occur if the engine is started or flight is attempted without removal of PropPastie.  Owners and distributors of PropPastie will not be held responsible for these actions in any way. 


PropPastie cannot guarantee a completely watertight seal, so do not attempt to collect a free Propeller Overhaul after using PropPastie.
The Owners and Distributors of PropPastie will not be responsible for spinner or propeller damage after using PropPastie.
Any imbalance caused by starting the engine before removal of the PropPastie should not damage an aircraft or propeller,  however if it does the owners and distributors of PropPastie will not be held responsible. 


All possible paints, finishes and materials have not been tested as to compatibility with PropPastie or potential for damage and/or chemical interaction.  The paint used on the test aircraft is a modern two-part aircraft paint.  If properly installed the PropPastie does not flap in the wind.   The PropPastie has a polyester fabric backing.  PropPastie  has not scratched the spinner of the test aircraft in up to 51 mph gusts.  PropPastie does not guarantee against any damage to the paint or spinner, or any damage to the propeller blade.

Purchasers of PropPastie agree to these terms and fully understand  the potential for injury, death and damages inherent with any aircraft product.  Purchasers of PropPastie agree to hold harmless the Owners and Distributers of PropPastie for any damages caused by PropPastie.

As long as PropPastie is used as intended and no misuse or abuse occurs, then  satisfaction is guaranteed for 30 days. 

As long as PropPastie is used as intended and no misuse or abuse occurs, then materials and workmanship are guaranteed for 5 years except for color fading and except for the printing.

                                                                                            $34.95 Each

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$4.95 Domestic includes tracking.
$14.25 Canada and Mexico includes insurance.$16.25 International includes insurance.


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