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Duplicate the length of any AN-3 through AN-10 control rod to ± .005.  (1/2 Flat) No more losing thread count or poorly measured control rods requiring aircraft re-rigging. Easy to use,  satisfaction guaranteed.

                                                                                                                 Control Rod Rigger

Talking about present duplication methods:  The tolerance on thread length to ball center is ± 1/32 so counting threads is a poor measurement, and a tape or mark on a board is not any better.  Even with a caliper as big as your control rod, when you measure the old rod the setting will include the wear.*   With the Control Rod Rigger well worn rod ends will center up by pushing down on the rod as the tool is adjusted.  .005 is less than 1/2 flat for AN-4 and bigger. This accuracy certainly is useful when adjusting helicopter heads.  My mechanic loves it and so will you.


To use this tool to adjust twisted control rods, rotate one end Counter clockwise until the control rod is flat and can fit on the tool. After replacing both rod ends, rotate the same end clockwise to the proper angle.    Do not switch ends or direction when turning to the proper angle or you will have the wrong length.  I recommend rotating the right hand threaded end every time for consistency.  Do it the same way every time.

As shown  ±.005 (±1/2 Flat 3/8-24)
An-3 through AN-6

24"  $149 *

16"  $133        Surplus Bar  while supplies last.
30"  $140         Surplus Bar  while supplies last.
48"  $167
72"  $178
96"  $275



24" Bar      $17

          16" Bar      $3.38   Surplus while supplies last
        30" Bar     $6.75   Surplus while supplies last
48" Bar     $28.70
        72" Bar     $39.88       
96" Bar     $103.06
        Joining Hardware $27.42

2 Full assemblies with thumb wheels for larger sizes, no loose pieces.  Write if you only need one assembly.

AN-7           $62
AN-8           $65
AN-9           $74
AN-10         $83

It is possible to clamp the unit and an  extra  bar to a bench, and duplicate even larger lengths than shown.  The costumer can cut a 4-6" piece off their existing  unit and use that piece to clamp to a bench.  Labor considerations on my end make an extra 24" bar more cost effective than selling 4" bars.  The 8 ft length includes truck shipping to my location and is not as cost effective as building up the length you need with 6 ft and smaller.  The 8 ft. length also will have a large truck shipping cost to your location.  Longer lengths would be built up using the above extra bars.

Write for other sizes  AN-11 and up.   Email: 
Write for delivery time depending on inventory.
Write for extra components.

±.001 (High Precision) 
(±Less than 1/8 Flat 3/8-24) Write with your requirements.  It is recomended that the customer try the standard tool before considering the High Precision tool.  


*Note: For reference:  A MSC 24” Value Vernier Caliper cost is $287, and the Control Rod Rigger will do a better job.


            Designed fabricated and assembled in USA with (currently) 2% of the cost of components of foreign origin.