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I just bought my first Proppastie.  The product fits nicely on my prop and the easy to follow instructions allow for a simply installation.  It looks great on my prop and the easy pay pal procedure made payment a breeze.  Thank you!
David E. Stow
Bradley & Stow Funeral Home
Medford, New Jersey

Great idea!     Simple           Dave Kalbach   New Horizons Aviation 

How many PropPasties in a package and how many do I need?

            There is one in a package, and for a 2 blade propeller you need one.  The propeller should be vertical in winter and the blade opening on the bottom is open to allow water to drain.  The blade opening that is up has the PropPastie attached.  On a three blade propeller in winter you would need 2 PropPasties if you are to have one blade on the bottom in the vertical position to allow water to drain.

What is your phone? 

            PropPastie does not have personnel answering phones. Please e-mail and if we need to talk on the phone we can make arrangements to talk at a mutual convenient time.

Greetings, I saw the write-up in Thursday's EAA e-Hotline, wondering if you can clear up this proviso for me: “Fixed pitch propellers do not narrow at the hub.   PropPastie will not stay in place on a fixed pitch propeller in summer because the material is not stiff as it is in winter.

Seems to me because fixed blades don’t turn within the hub and therefore don’t spread to a perfectly round circle at the root, they would indeed be narrower at the hub than comparable C-S prop blades, in that dimension at least: by the same token not needing to round inward fore-to-aft [along the chord dimension] they maintain a smoother curvature into the hub, if that’s the lack of narrowing this is referring to.  Any plans to offer a modified/reconfigured pastie w/elongated aperture to accommodate summertime fixed pitch needs (yeah rain-solvent bird crap is a corrosive problem), or are there just too many variations to cover?

            The CS prop turns to a smaller round shape close to the spinner and into the hub.  This is what I am referring to.   The fixed pitch propeller has a near  constant cord into the                 spinner and only friction will hold the PropPastie to the fixed pitch propeller whereas the geometry of the smaller round hub diameter and friction hold it onto the CS speed prop.              The fixed pitch installation, may move up the blade in very high summer time winds, because in the hot sun the material gets soft and pliable, in winter it will be stiff and will not             stretch and holds onto the blade when pulled snug.   There is a satisfaction guarantee, and you still may have satisfactory utility.  Be sure to refer to the Prop Position Page as             to summer time prop position.  I have several modifications in mind for this problem, The current shape is elongated and is a one size fits all. PropPastie was designed to fit a                 C172 which was the widest blade I could find.  Sort of like the two cat door problem. Only the larger cat door was needed.  If this is not clear please write.