Propeller Position

for outside storage

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During the winter most aircraft owners keep their propeller vertical so that water and snow will drain and not freeze inside the spinner In this position  water can sit on the hub bearings and freeze and thaw and re-freeze. With the resulting expansion and contraction of the ice there is a potential for water to leak past the seals of the hub and contaminate the hub  and lead to early  propeller overhaul.  PropPastie is designed to work it the Vertical or near Vertical position and keep water and snow from entering the spinner.

near vertical
Near Vertical

When the danger of freezing is past,  position the propeller at about 30-45 degrees off of vertical with the sharp trailing edge up and to the left to discourage birds from sitting on the blade.
When birds are sitting on the spinner or flying to the tip of the propeller,  droppings can enter the spinner opening.  Keep bird droppings off of your propeller bearings and from inside your spinner with PropPastie.  Keep water from sitting on your propeller hub bearings in warm weather.
                                                                                                                        horizontal prop


Many prefer the horozontal position of the propeller. 
        Good:  Water does not sit on the hub bearings.  High wing aircraft will not hit the prop as they taxi by.
        Bad:     Birds sit on the blade in summer and really mess it up.  Water will collect in the spinner and freeze in winter.
PropPastie is not designed to be used in the horizontal position.