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Orders are built up after order is received, there is a minimum of 3 days until shipping.  Delivery will be dependent  on location.   NJ residents send a ST3 for sales tax exemption.  A + 7% sales tax will be assessed automatically but will be refunded when I get the ST3.

It is possible to clamp an  extra  bar to a bench, and duplicate the larger lengths. The 8 ft unit includes truck shipping to my location and is not as cost effective as building up the length you need with 6 ft and smaller.  The 8 ft. also will have a large truck shipping cost to your location.  Longer lengths would be built up using  extra bars.

24" $149
16"  $133  Surplus Bar

30"   $140  Surplus Bar
48"   $167

72"  $178
96"  $275
Plus $100 truck shipping, the difference from actual shipping cost will be refunded.

Extra Bars

24" Extra Bar      $17 

        16" Extra Bar      $3.38   Surplus while supplies last

30" Extra Bar     $6.75   Surplus while supplies last
48" Extra Bar 

72" Extra Bar 
96" Extra Bar 
Plus $100 truck shipping, the difference from actual shipping cost will be refunded.

        Joining Hardware $27.42

Full assemblies with thumb wheels for larger sizes, no loose pieces.

AN-7  2 Full Assy.         $62.00

  2 Full Assy.           $65

  2 Full Assy.           $74

  2 Full Assy.         $83.00

Write for other sizes AN-11 and up.   Email: 
Write for delivery time depending on inventory.
Write for extra components.

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                 Please send Purchase order or Email. I will call or Email you so we can agree on the amount.

                            Examples .... item not in cart, multiple items, buyer shipper number.
I  refund excess shipping for multiple items but entering the exact  agreed price here will also work.
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