Control Rod Rigger Instructions for use

Do not adjust or disassemble rod ends or tighten lock nuts on tool or damage of the tool may occur.  Do not allow the stud to bottom on the bottom of the bar slot.

Use this tool to duplicate the length of control rods when replacing rod ends.  Worn rod ends will center up by pushing down on the control rod as the tool is adjusted.   Lightly push down and position the control rod ends on the correct diameter studs. Tighten the thumb wheels slowly to take the play out of the studs while sliding the studs to keep the control rod from binding on the tool.  After replacing the worn rod ends, adjust the repaired control rod to fit on the tool.  

To use this tool to adjust twisted control rods, rotate one end Counter clockwise until the control rod is flat and can fit on the tool. After replacing both rod ends, rotate the same end clockwise to the proper angle.    Do not switch ends or direction when turning to the proper angle or you will have the wrong length.  I recommend rotating the right hand threaded end every time for consistency.  Do it the same way every time.

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