There is  potential for damage,  death, or injury should flight be attempted with Bird Spikes still attached to the aircraft.  It is impossible to predict all the  ways damage,  death, or injury could occur using Bird Spikes or if the engine is started or flight is attempted without removal of Bird Spikes.  There is a potential for injury when handling or mounting Bird Spikes.  Use at your own risk.

This information for educational purposes only.


3705   4204 Antenna

  3701  3702

3704   3705  4209  4208 
4213  4222  4228  4214
4216  4225  Antenna2
Surveyor Tape... Home Depot
Galvanized Steel or .02-.03 Aluminum for Brackets
Velcro...  Use Eyelets to attach...Glue does not work

Dritz 5/32 Brass Eyelets 104-35....Jo Ann Fabrics
.06 x 3/4 alum bar as required...Ace Hardware, Handles... Velcro to brackets and  through hinge opening
String and Clothespins to tie to the end of tail spike and attach to tie-down 
Campermount Closed Cell PVC Tape Ace Hardware #85017
Nixalite MHGC Glue Clips

  4204  4205  4206 

Large Pool Noodle.......WalMart
.032 Safety Wire 4" High spikes.
1/8 Steel Rod Counterweight as required 11" is shown,..Bend end and insert in bottom half through hole.
if you use
Nixalite you will need 2 counterweights
6x6 rag stuffed in the hole at antenna bulb end
to keep antenna spikes from blowing off.
Prop Spikes self explanatory

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